Takin’ A “ME” Day

It’s a very strange kinda day… So I’m cancelling it due to lack of cooperation and concern… Sorry, I really must “flake out” in order to preserve my sanity. I am makin’ an executive decision: I am takin’ a “ME” day…


I’m going to be hiding out at home in my pyjamas, curled up and very cozy… I’m gonna watch the Bruckheimer/Disney “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN” series in order: “Curse Of The Black Pearl”, “At World’s End”, “Dead Man’s Chest” and “On Stranger Tides”… My goal? I am going to try to rest…


I will occupy myself with distractions – so I can slow everything down and get some much-needed rest: I must relax my body and quiet my mind…
Some PTSD days are pretty bad, but I am no longer a victim, I am a SURVIVOR! It is a “Melancholy Bluez” day…


I really am not who you think I am… I am attempting to quietly and peacefully “Live to Die Another Day”… I am in stealth mode: pretending not to notice and seemingly oblivious to the world around me… I am your neighbour, friend, colleague, sister, daughter, someone you know, but you have no real idea… I am right next to you, I am hiding in plain sight..


3 thoughts on “Takin’ A “ME” Day

  1. Tomorrow is about to be MY me day. This insomnia has got me all kinds of awake!! Tomorrow will be my day to relax and recharge. Sometimes we need to take this time to do absolutely nothing and regroup. This post is reminding me, once again, that it’s okay to take a day to do what I need to do for me. Thank you!!

    xo Hope ox


    • I couldn’t agree more, we tend to forget that the “3-Rs” (Rest, Relaxation, Recharge) are vital in order to maintain better physical & mental health. Of course, upon occasion, I tend to go “MIA” and my “ME” Day lasts a little longer than originally planned or anticipated – usually after about 3-5 days of insomnia, unrelenting pain & sheer exhaustion – Eh, can’t win ‘em all. ;)


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