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Dear Gentle Readers, Loyal Supporters, Wonderful Friends & Lovely “Bluez Angelz”,
We wish to take a moment to thank you most sincerely. Why? Because your generous donations & contributions will keep this website operating with beautiful design packages & zero advertisements for another year. We appreciate & love all of you and we are grateful to have you as members of our “virtual family”. Your many kindnesses continue to inspire & motivate us!
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For Hunter, the “7 of Hearts!”
“An Unchained Melody”
& “The Dark Angels”

Melancholy Bluez PTSD Angel

Melancholy Bluez! Thinking Out Loud by Ms. Hunter L. Blue {with Frequent Advice, Imput, Opinions & Assistance from The “7 of Hearts”, “An Unchained Melody” & TheDark Angels”}

We are on the slow and painful road to recovery – please join us in our journey as we “put the pieces back together” and explore time-travelling in parallel universes…

These Are Just A Few Of Our Favourite Bluez

Warm Sun, Beautiful Beaches, ThunderStorms, Starry Nights, Baby Angels, Glorious Roses, Lovely Butterflies & Hearts, Teddy Bears, Sparkling Rainbows, Mystical Unicorns & Fantasy, the Colour Blue…

We Most Often Prefer Classic Movies and The Disney Animated Classics…

Our favourite genres of music are Italian Classical Music, Jazz & Bluez {Blues}, but we listen to and appreciate other genres, as well.

We Write Stuff And We Create Other Stuff: “Thinking Out Loud”…

We Love to Read – Our Current Favourite Subjects: “Secret Services”; “Spy Agencies” {aka the “ABCs”}; “Elite Military Forces”; “Military History”; “Intelligence Analysis”; “Space Exploration”; “Military Memoirs/Biographies/Information” {Montgomery Granger’s “Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay” is one of Hunter’s all-time favourites and the BEST first-person, non-fiction book she has read in a very long time}; “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”; “Dissociative Identity Disorder”/”Multiple Personality Disorder”; “Classic & Gothic Architecture”; “Tai Chi” & “Meditation”; and “Roman History”. Alessandra & Phoenix recently added “Neuroscience” to that list {understanding brain functions & how the brain is affected by injury or illness}, as well… We also enjoy some fiction ~ mostly secret agent/spy novels & thrillers ~ Barry Eisler is Hunter’s favourite author in this field {and several alters concur with her assessment}, but we read others, as well… Most of Us no longer read very much on the subject of “true crime”, it’s become far too disturbing for our fragile mind {with the exceptions of Alessandra & Phoenix}.


We are a military brat and dual citizen of Australia & the United States of America. We are PRO MILITARY and proudly support the men & women who serve in the Australian Defence Forces & the United States Military. Point of Interest: Our late father was a career military officer & met our mother while stationed in Hawaii. We think the brave men & women who serve do a fantastic, often thankless, job. In return, they’re underrated, undervalued, under-appreciated & under-paid. We also are of the opinion that our countries, their politicians AND citizens should be embarrassed about this – the men & women who volunteer to give their lives to protect ours {as well as our freedoms, homes, rights & “way of life”} are heroes and they deserve to be treated as such. Instead, they are sacrificing everything ~ and getting very little in return. These heroes cannot get adequate {mental & physical} health care or assistance with transition back into “the real world” after their term of service ends; they are losing homes, jobs, families & lives ~ these are clear signs that something is “broken” within the “system” & it needs to be fixed. This is also a negative reflection upon our society ~ and it does not matter what part of the world we live in. Apathy has become the “norm” while empathy is seldom seen anymore. Point of Interest: Did you know that it takes a soldier {it does not matter if it is an officer or an enlisted man} an average of two years, after he or she is wounded in action, to receive a disability rating from the United States government? ~ that is just atrocious! We, as private citizens, condone this treatment by our silence, ignorance and/or inaction. For example, a recent a White House petition to bring attention to mental health issues in the military received less than 100 signatures. We see it, but we ignore it. This is wrong on so many levels ~ on every level! We address this topic frequently in our designs & creations, as well as in our many “rantz, ravez & tiradez”, so be prepared…

We Enjoy Cooking with Fresh Ingredients & We Adore Fine Wines…

We Are Not Who You Think We Are… We Are Survivors – Learning to Cope with Multiple Physical and Psychological Illnesses & Disabilities. We Have Recently Escaped from 20+ Years of Spousal, Physical, Psychological & Sexual Abuse {less than one year ago}. We have been Diagnosed as BiPolar, with DID {Dissociative Identity Disorder}, MPD {Multiple Personality Disorder}, Complex PTSD {Post Traumatic Stress Disorder}, OCD {Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder}, Agoraphobia & Paranoia {Paranoia: You Only Have To Be Right Once To Make It All Worthwhile ~ George Carlin}; We also suffer from Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Severe Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Cataplexy, Narcolepsy, etc. etc. etc… {more stuff than we want to write about – it would take hours & it’s boring anyway}. We are Terminally Ill & Confined to a Wheelchair {sometimes Bedridden}.

We have chosen to use music, reading, writing and art as important tools in our recovery process.

Best Decision Ever!


150x150 icon 02

We will be posting randomly – perhaps, haphazardly – Collectively, we have about 150-200 projects in various drafting stages. We have discovered that mania can be useful sometimes {even if not particularly good for you}.

Hunter may sometimes post book reviews on books that we enjoy, so this statement is important: FYI A Little About My “Reading Process” by Hunter: “I read all books twice. First, I fly through a book on the “initial read” {I’m a speed reader and I love to read, so it comes in handy}. As soon as I’ve finished the book, I will, perhaps, make a few short notes and “process” what I’ve read for a day or two {I might even brainstorm & compare notes with one of the alters who read the book} before coming back to read the book a second time – obviously, at a more relaxed, leisurely pace… For instance, there might be an “area” of the book or particular subjects that I really want to pay extra attention to during my second reading of the book… I {and most of the alters} employ a technique I refer to as “visualisation” when reading, I picture the book in my head, it’s kinda like watching a movie {only better}. When I choose to write a review, I attempt to convey the reasons I feel a particular way about the book {good or bad ~ why I enjoyed the book or why I did not}; I review the book without dissecting it ~ I REALLY hate reviewers who feel the need to prove their superior intelligence by writing a review in such a manner that there is nothing left for the potential reader to discover. More importantly, I am attempting to entice others to read the book – and provoke thought, discussions, dialogue. I take tonnes of notes because my memory can often become somewhat “unreliable” {due to illness, injury & numerous medications}. It probably takes me 8-15 hours to write a review or an article where a typical person might only take 1-2 hours to complete the task. It is one of the many reasons I’m unable to write as much as I might like ~ and why I have so many projects “in various stages of development” {and, quite often, “life” just sorta gets in my way}… I will randomly add notes, afterthoughts, FYIs, etc. that may not seem “to fit” to you. Keep in mind that when I write something, whatever it is and however chaotic or irrelevant it might seem to be, it made sense in my head at the time. Please be tolerant and patient – my best advice is to just “go with it”.”

Warning: We do tend to go MIA for a few days (without notice or warning) sometimes when we really just need to rest ~ We often take a break, to “escape reality” – you might’ve noticed that our most recent “ME” days lasted a little longer than expected {it is unpredictable, but it happens}…

We are Survivors, No Longer Victims! We are in Stealth Mode: Hiding In Plain Sight – Just Quietly Livin’ To Die Another Day!

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Please join “Melancholy Bluez! Thinking Out Loud by Ms. Hunter L. Blue”:

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We now publish 2 daily papers via paper.li: “Melancholy Bluez Bitz” & “Shadez of Melancholy Bluez” Angelica {Wylde Angel Bluez} publishes 2 daily papers: “Must’ve Been Wylde Angelz” & “Mama’s Fallen Angel”. “The 7 of Hearts!” now publishes “7 of Hearts” and “7 of Hearts: An Unchained Melody” {powered by “RebelMouse“}

The alters can be found on twitter here: ~ The “7 of Hearts” ~ Hunter ~ Angelica ~ Serenity {please note: Serenity’s acct was originally designed & set up as a back-up/Twitmo/Jail Acct for Hunter’s account, aka our “main” twitter account} ~ Alessandra ~ Miss Lacey ~ Charity & Phoenix ~ NEW! “An Unchained Melody” {Noelani, Zoë, Nicci, Kanani, Dax & Starr}, Darque, “The Dark Angels” {Mystique, Athena, Darque, Karma, Tia, Alyssa & Rachel} & Bella are Now on Twitter!

Point of Interest: For convenience ~ and our own amusement & cheap entertainment ~ sometimes, it doesn’t take much! ;) {and just because we can} ~ all twitter feeds are also prominently displayed in the sidebar area {to the left of the main site content} on the 3 main pages of the website:”Home of The Bluez!” ~ “Seven of Hearts!” & Our Default Post Page, “Bluez Heap!” Please Note: The website only loads “properly” on the “desktop version” or “full site” ~ all sidebar items appear at the bottom of the page on mobile versions!

Thanks For Visiting Our Site, We Hope You Return Often! Love to All & Ciao for Now!

~Melancholy Bluez ~ The 7 of Hearts ~ An Unchained Melody ~ The Dark Angels~

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12 thoughts on “Home Of The Bluez!

  1. YAY! The Dark Angels finally made it online! Ciao Principessa! From Darque, Athena, Mystique, Tia, Alyssa, Rachel and Karma (no, not that Karma, another Karma – Hiya, Doc Snuffleupagus)! We’ve got lots of stuff planned, once we are settled at “Serenity V”, we shall return in force! ;)

  2. ciao! we are b-a-a-a-c-k & we are here to stay! admit it: you know you love us and have missed us ~ things just have not been the same since we left! ;)

    melodia spezzata {“an unchained melody”}: noelani~zoë~nicci~kanani~dax~starr

  3. The site looks great, ladies! The addition of the “7 of Hearts!” & “PTSD Bluez!” pages were brilliant ideas (Phoenix & Alessandra). I am so pleased to see you are going to openly discuss PTSD, TBI, DID, MPD, etc – I’m so proud of you! I am honored to be your mentor & a “Bluez Angel”.

Sing The Bluez!

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